Top 6 attractions of Luxembourg

Luxembourg is situated in the Western Europe and is bordered by Belgium, France and Germany. It has a population of around half a million and has a well developed economy. Luxembourg has a mix culture of Roman, Europe and Germanic Europe. It’s a wonderful place to stroll and explore.  Below are a few places recommended for the travelers, make sure you include them.


One of the Top 6 attractions of Luxembourg

The Petrusse Express
This Express has been specially built for the travelers in the year 1987. This train passes through small lanes and provides a wonderful view of the old fortress and the city. This will help you to give you a vivid idea about the history of this city. Commentaries in about six languages are also provided.

National Museum of Art and History
This museum is located in the southern Luxembourg, near the Fish market, in the Ville Haute quarter. It displays historical, geological as well as archeological facts. National Museum of Art and History basically showcases all the artworks from the epochs of Luxembourg history.

The Moselle Valley
The Moselle Valley is located in the north-eastern France, south-western Germany, and eastern Luxembourg. River Moselle flows through the centre and forms a valley. Small hills on the either side of the banks are covered with vineyards. Its can an amazing experience and you may even find guides who can give you a detailed explanation on the process of wine making.

Valley of the Seven Castles
Valley of the Seven Castles is situated in the Central Luxembourg and stretches from the Alzette upstream to Steinfort. This area is well known for its magnificent castles. The original name of this place is Eisch River. This place has been named after the seven castles that are situated there.

The Market at Place Guillaume
This place is perfect for streets shoppers. It’s a busy street with shops lining lined up on either side of the road. You’ll find fresh vegetables, varieties of flowers and juicy fruits. This place is opened only on Saturdays and Wednesdays.

The US Military Cemetery
The US Military Cemetery is located at 2.5 kilometers south-west of Findel Airport. It is maintained by the American Battle Monuments Commission. This place has graves of around 5,076 American service members who died in the Second World War. There are twenty-two pairs of brothers buried side by side in adjacent graves.