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Getting to Luxembourg

One can use various means in getting to Luxembourg, depending on the direction from which one is approaching this City.



By Plane
This is by far the fastest and perhaps the most convenient means of getting to Luxembourg. The Luxiar, which is a national airline company in Germany, is at your service in air traveling. The company offers top class air travel services.

Findel is Luxembourg’s main airport. It links the city with many European cities such as Nice, Pari, Genoa, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Warsaw, Vienna, London, Cracow, Dublin, Rome, Florence, Porto, Madrid, Barcelona among many more others, through several flights per day. After landing at the Findel, getting to the city center is by bus or taxi.

The buses ply on weekdays as from 5.28a.m up to 9.09p.m at intervals of 15 minutes and from 6.24a.m up to 9.58p.m on Sundays at intervals of 30 minutes. The rate is € 1.50 for a two hour ticket.

Taxes on the other hand, must be called for unlike the buses and their rate is between € 15 and € 25.

Other Airports
Other airports are found near Luxembourg’s Findel Airport with flights linking them and Luxembourg and these include the Saarbrucken-Saarbrucken Airport, the Fohren-Trier Airport, Zweibruecken-Zweibruecken Airport (all in Germany) and essey-Nancy Airport, Metz-Nancy-Lorraine Airport and Le Rozelier-Verdun Airport (all in France).

By Car
One can also get travel to Luxembourg by road. They can use the coaches or personal cars. There is an excellent road network in Luxembourg, as well as those that link the Grand Duchy capital with other European cities. These motorways are the A3 that links Luxembourg’s Grand Duchy with Metz (64km), the A6 that links it with Brussels (230km) and the A1 that links the city with Trier (44km). Other than these highways, other countries are also closely linked with Luxembourg, such as Belgium, which is only a 15-minutes drive away, Germany (13-minutes drive) and France (20 minutes).

By Train
The fast modern trains that are also very comfortable link Luxembourg directly with other European cities as well. Paris is only 2 hours away, Metz is 1 hour away, Brussels is 3 hours away and Trier is 45 minutes away. The TVG (high speed trains) also link also link Luxembourg with Paris, operating 5 trips per day.